Interview with Tony Abbott for Rolling Stone

I interviewed federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott for Rolling Stone's March issue. As luck would have it, the PM announced the election date barely a week before the magazine went on sale. Unfortunately, that meant the standfirst's reference to an election being "due by November 30"¬†looked a bit daft. Still... Tony Abbott! If you want... Continue Reading →

Constructing the perfect PM for FHM

All this talk about weak political leadership on both sides of the floor got me thinking... What if we could construct a national leader comprised of the best attributes of other great statesfolk? Like, John Howard's wicked bowling arm and Joh Bjelke-Petersen's passionate defence of civil liberties? John and Joh didn't make the cut in... Continue Reading →

Ray Martin interview for FHM

At the end of this interview, Ray Martin, Lego-haired legend of Australian journalism, thanked me for my "intelligent questions". Best. Moment. Ever. He came into the studio to be shot, too. We liked the idea of him being under the microscope for a change, which is what inspired this interrogation room setup. Never mind that... Continue Reading →

Mamdouh Habib feature for FHM

I interviewed former Guantanamo Bay inmate and terrorism suspect Mamdouh Habib towards the end of 2008 at a cafe in Bankstown. For a guy who'd been tortured and abused by a foreign power while his own government failed to intervene, he seemed pretty together. Although you didn't have to scratch the surface very deep to... Continue Reading →

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