Talking Bathurst with ABC Radio

I spoke to Geoff Hutchison from the ABC Drive program in Perth on Monday, October 8. We talked about about my piece in The Punch on the Bathurst 1000 and the death of the larrikin. I give my radio voice a seven out of 10.

Man-musings for Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan corralled a bunch of celebrity blokes and some guy who used to edit a men's magazine to share their thoughts on what they wished women knew. They ran that stupid editor's letter photo of me again. I really need a new headshot. This story ran in Cosmo's August issue.

Going below the belt for Cleo

Versatile, did you say? Yeah, I'm versatile. One day, US politics; the next day, sport; the day after, female pubic hair. If there's something to be said about something, chances are I can say it. Is this the mark of a great writer, or just an incredibly gifted one? You be the judge. This column... Continue Reading →

Talking sexism for Madison

A friend at Madison magazine invited me to participate in one of their "Madison Avenue" roundtable discussions. The question: "How sexist is Australia?" Kate Ellis, then Minister for the Status of Women, and feminist and academic Eva Cox were my fellow panel members. When I was introduced to Eva, she asked, "Are you surprised I don't have... Continue Reading →

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