Responses to my men’s rights feature


White Ribbon chairman Andrew O’Keefe penned a letter to the Herald, responding to some of the allegations about the work of White Ribbon Australia by a Men’s Health Australia (not the magazine, I should point out) representative. And while we’re talking about the MHA, they also had a view on my story, while Fathers 4 Equality posted the whole yarn on their blog.

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  1. Hi Guy,

    Nice intelligent and measured story on mens rights.

    Please allow me to add some comment. Firstly the sources. Mr Andresen, fair enough…just.
    Michael Flood…well I think AV4M caught him out posing as an aggrieved father, plus some malicious troll postings verging on outright fraud…stepping way outside the bounds it seems of an academic sociologist. But then fair enough again. In Australia, like most of the world, the sociologists are just crap.
    Eva Cox…well darling. She reminds me of the stage magician casting her experienced gaze upon the fooled (male) crowd.
    And like the magician, she’s never going to tell you the tricks.

    Yet MRA (activism) is being virtually forced upon some right thinking conscious driven males who cannot stand by and watch other hapless males destroyed on trumped up charges, unfair penalties etc…or watching their assets stolen and their families destroyed, or access to their children denied via outright bullshit. I could go on but the mens sites can give you a list of grievances–all backed up with worthy scholarship and evidence.

    Its the sort of thing that Eva Cox and her like minded cohorts should have been onto years ago…but they didn’t. And no I’m not an angry father with any issues before the Family Courts. Its just wrong. Parents have virtually no rights regarding their children…and fathers…the new nugatory male…has even less. His whole family existence (i.e “investment”) is virtually at the whim/mercy of the female.

    Yes I know there’s the other side. Well we’ve heard plenty from the other side.

    Hopefully Tony Abbott will restore some of the Howard resolve, which seemed quite fair.

    PS: Try Googling…Hetero Manifesto…(it comes up No1). Another radical mens site that you didn’t mention.., some good ideas—mainly eclectic philosophical discourse etc…but theres a couple of “investigative” pieces in the middle which includes one family’s blow-blow account with the “Child Abuse Industry” in Qld.

    (No need to reply)

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